Shot Peening

Shot peen, a cold-working metal process, is performed by directing a controlled stream of round particles (shot) against a metallic surface, creating a compressive layer in that surface. While the primary purpose of this layer of compressed material is to provide resistance to fatigue cracking, the consequential work hardening of the surface can provide the added benefit of resistance to fretting and wear. To accurately repeat this process requires a heightened degree of control and precision.

Shot Peen

Automated Robotic Shot Peen System

MIL’s new custom-built, NADCAP compliant Automated Robotic Shot Peen System (the first of two) has the capability of peening wheels to 48” diameter and 30” tall. With a 6 axis Fanuc robot and opposing shuttle with dual 500 lb. capacity auxiliary axis turntables, MIL is prepared to process most aerospace wheels through shot peen expeditiously and accurately.